Love the old direct-to-video action flicks of the 90s? Movies starring Cynthia Rothrock, Jeff Speakman, Michael Dudikoff, and Gary Daniels? Crave the silly martial arts action, exploding cars, and wild shootouts that typified that era of low-budget action? Then you’ve stumbled onto the right series for you!

The Bartender follows the adventures of Brodie. She isn’t a cop. She isn’t a detective. She’s just a bartender. And she doesn’t like seeing innocent people become victims.

With a lethal set of skills, Brodie proves to be capable of stopping the bad guys with fast feet, steady aim, and all the grit an action hero needs. She can mix a mean cocktail too.

Join us for the fast-paced adventures of the newest action hero to kick butt on your screen!

The Bartender: Highballs and High Kicks

Beneath a dive bar in San Francisco lies a secret club…a fight club where the city’s tech elite can pay to watch the dregs of society fight lethal deathmatches. It’s a slaughter every Saturday night! The victims are nameless. The police disinterested. And no one seems to be able to stop them.

Until they hired the wrong bartender.

Brodie isn’t a cop. She’s just a bartender. But she was friends with Lewis Tanner, one of the fight club’s victims. Now she’s going to tear them apart from the inside. She mixes a mean Tom Collins…and an even meaner spin kick!