About Us

Point of Impact Publishing LLC was the brainchild of Joseph Nelson, an avid reader of pulp fiction and author who found few outlets to publish his action/adventure fiction. Growing frustrated with the barren landscape of action/adventure fiction, he decided to publish his own work. Thus Point of Impact was born.

With a focus on high-action, series driven fiction, Point of Impact aims to recreate some of the feel of finding a new Pinnacle or Leisure Books or Manor House men’s adventure series, the sort of fiction you could buy at airports and drugstores all across America.

As of this writing, they currently have two house authors, R. J. Calder and Clint Reno and are currently closed to open submissions.

You can follow us on social media, including X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and Blue Sky.

We hope you’ll have as much fun reading our books as we have writing them!

-Joseph Nelson, Editor-in-Chief