Once upon a time, a world of wild and weird adventure fiction dominated the paperback landscape. Lurid titles like Killmaster, Executioner, Destroyer, Death Merchant, and Penetrator filled book shelves with their adventures. Each promising more sex and violence than the last.

These series were sometimes called men’s adventure fiction, as they were predominately aimed at a white male audience. And before we get any further, let’s not deny that they could be nasty, degrading, racist, sexist trash, depending upon the author. But they were escapism. You could read the latest Nick Carter spy thriller to see what nefarious scheme the villains had and how our hero would stop them. You might pick up the next Executioner, eager to see how the mafia would shudder at the latest assault from Mack Bolan. Quick, easy, breezy fiction.

These series left an imprint with us. They made us imagine our own big-budget action spectacles that Hollywood could never equal.

And so Point of Impact Publishing was born.

We strive to find and curate new series with a more modern take on these aged ideals. Gone, we hope, are the out-dated attitudes towards gender and sexuality. Erased are the offensive racial stereotypes. But the action still remains. Just as lurid as ever.

We hope you’ll be interested in joining us on this adventure. We have many new stories to tell.

-Joseph Nelson, Editor-in-Chief