John Frenzi was the mob’s deadliest killer–until he became their most lethal adversary!
A throwback to the 1970s vigilante series that once flooded the paperback market, the Frenzi series by R. J. Calder is a high-octane, all-action pulp adventure!

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Frenzi #1: The Mafia Massacre

Meet John Frenzi, a tough-as-nails Mafia enforcer in Los Angeles, a man without conscience, a human weapon. He knew one thing and one thing only: The cruel art of violence. His nickname among the Mafia was the Killfrenzy, for his very gruesome abilities. He was trained to do the Family’s bidding, murdering anyone who stood in their way. But that was before a brash young capo targeted his innocent neighbor.

Her blood is on Don Giovanni’s hands, and when the aging patriarch of the most powerful crime family on the West Coast refuses to do the right thing, John Frenzi turns his very deadly skills against the underworld Family who had given him everything.

They thought they could handle the rage of one man. They were wrong. The Killfrenzy is about to be unleashed on the very men who created him. And the Mafia will never be the same.

Frenzi #2: Florida Guns

John Frenzi, the man the Mafia nicknamed the Killfrenzy, has arrived in Miami with one goal: Escape the cycle of violence and start a new life. But for a man like Frenzi, this is easier said than done! Especially with a fifty thousand dollar bounty on his head!

Soon he finds himself caught up in the desperate plot to assassinate Fidel Castro being orchestrated by a tiny band of Cuban exiles with funds from the CIA, and weapons provided by the Mafia. It’s a web of danger and death, with a bodycount that rises as fast as the temperature in the Everglades.

The Cubans want to use him to kill Castro.

The Mafia just wants to kill him.

And John Frenzi is about to show them all why he earned his lethal nickname when he sets out to silence the Florida guns.

Frenzi #3: Six Bullets Left

John Frenzi, the man who has terrorized the mob from coast-to-coast returns in another remarkable adventure.

When his car breaks down outside of a little town called Belle Rivière in Louisiana, he hopes for a quick tire change and to be on his way, but what he finds his a trio of Mafia killers, a boatload of heroin, and a vicious, corrupt police chief with an even more cruel son. Frenzi wanted nothing to do with this town’s trouble, but when he is nearly killed and trapped in this dead-end town, he has no option but to fight back.

He is outnumbered. He is outgunned. He has just six bullets left.

The odds are almost even.

Frenzi #4: Storm Clouds Over Paris

When a series of political assassinations rock Europe, the C.I.A. is stymied thanks to leaks deep within the covert agency. With the biggest hit yet looming on the horizon, an ultra secret branch of the Agency turns to an unlikely source to stop the murders and save countless lives: John Frenzi, the ex-Mafia enforcer known as the Killfrenzy!

The deal is simple: Kill for Uncle Sam and get a new identity.

The reality is even simpler: Frenzi is bait in a lethal game of cat-and-mouse that the spook squad hopes to use to lure out a band of ex-G.I. mercs who have been playing murder-for-hire with Soviet cash.

Trapped in Paris, with no one to trust and time running out, Frenzi will have to rewrite the rules of this game as he plays, trying to stay one step ahead of a bullet, and hot on the heels of the professional killers before it’s too late and the Western world faces another apocalypse scenario.

Frenzi #5: Whipcord

Ever since his bloody war against his Mafia brothers began in Los Angeles, all John Frenzi had wanted was to be left alone. Now, with the help of the United States government, he has a new identity and a new life in rural Gray Hook, Montana, working on a horse ranch. He has buried John Frenzi–Mafia enforcer–for good.

Until the Silvestri siblings arrive.

Stefano…his racket is drugs and he’s growing grass for the Family back in California.

Rocca…her game is skin pics, drugging and seducing young women for profit.

When these two crash into John’s new life, leaving terror and pain in their wake, he can’t let it go. He will prove to them that even if John Frenzi is dead and buried, the Killfrenzy is alive and well!