John Lash is a master thief, a criminal with a checkered past and an uncertain future.

He surrounds himself with fine things and finer women, but danger and violence seem an inextricable part of his existence. His adventures span the globe and take him on the most daring heists, where life and limb might be the price for the most precious artifacts.

This series is pulp crime laced with violent action. Unafraid to give you all the sex and violence the old paperbacks hinted at, Lash is breezy reading from the mind of Clint Reno. Each adventure a fast, lurid read. Like potato chips, you won’t want to stop with just one.

John Lash is a second story man. A prowler. A master thief. A criminal.

He doesn’t have many friends…and now he has one less.

When his best friend is murdered, Lash will go to any lengths to find and punish the guilty. He will work hand-in-hand with the police, who would love to put him away for life. He will make a deal with the cowboy-turned arms smuggler. He will even partner with the devil himself, a cartel kingpin looking for the Holy Grail, just to get his revenge.

Entangled with his friend’s beautiful sister and the drug lord’s gorgeous niece, Lash will have plenty of distractions on his mission…if all the flying lead doesn’t put a premature end to his hunt!