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Frenzi: Florida Guns
It’s here! The second book in the action-packed Frenzi series is now available for purchase on Amazon! It is loaded with page-after-page of delirious action and has the same brutal attitude as the first book. You get shootouts, a gruesome battle in a meat plant, a […]
It’s almost here! The second thrilling novel in the Frenzi action/adventure series! And you can now pre-order it on Amazon and have it delivered to your account on July 1st! The second book is just as wild and action-packed as the first! Taking place in Miami, […]
It took some prodding, but I finally got the social media ghost R. J. Calder, author of Frenzi: The Mafia Massacre, to consent to an interview. Now, it isn’t a hard-hitting, insightful sort of thing, because he won’t answer those types of questions, but I’ve wanted […]