The man the Mafia couldn’t kill is back!

John Frenzi, the man who has terrorized the mob from coast-to-coast returns in another remarkable adventure.

When his car breaks down outside of a little town called Belle Rivière in Louisiana, he hopes for a quick tire change and to be on his way, but what he finds his a trio of Mafia killers, a boatload of heroin, and a vicious, corrupt police chief with an even more cruel son. Frenzi wanted nothing to do with this town’s trouble, but when he is nearly killed and trapped in this dead-end town, he has no option but to fight back.

He is outnumbered. He is outgunned. He has just six bullets left.

The odds are almost even.

This is the third in the startling adventures of the only man to escape the Mafia with his life! Trapped in the bayou, this is a sweltering tale of vicious men doing terrible things, and the most brutal hero who might just be this town’s salvation…or its annihilation. It’s unflinching and packs all the wallop of ten tons of TNT in 52,000 words of adrenaline soaked thrills.