Say hello to John Frenzi, the mob’s meanest and deadliest enforcer. He was their deadliest weapon…until the day he became their most lethal enemy!

Inspired by the men’s adventure fiction of the 1970s, Frenzi is a hard-hitting action series that evokes memories of the Butcher, the Executioner, and the Death Merchant. R. J. Calder has set his series in a groovy, sleaze-inhabited 1970 and he pulls no punches when it comes to violence and carnage. This is can’t miss reading for any fan of action/adventure titles!

Frenzi: The Mafia Massacre, #1 by R. J. Calder

Frenzi: Florida Guns, #2 by R.J. Calder

Frenzi: Six Bullets Left, #3 by R.J. Calder