John Frenzi was the mob’s deadliest weapon…until he became their most lethal enemy! Meet the Killfrenzy, the man who left the Mafia…and lived!

Created by R. J. Calder, Killfrenzy is inspired by classic men’s action fiction from the “Golden” era of such paperbacks, the 1970s. In an age that spawned The Executioner, The Destroyer, The Butcher, The Penetrator, comes a new epic that blends the lurid violence and savage stories of that decade, into a more modern cocktail for a new reader.

It’s the same edgy, blood-soaked tales you might remember from those yellowed paperbacks, but without the racism and misogyny that frequently plagued those original adventures.

The landmark first series from Point of Impact is the pillar of all that we believe in and a roadmap of things to come. We hope you’ll be along for the ride. It promises to be one heck of a roadtrip!