If you are a podcaster/blogger/critic and are interested in receiving a review copy of any book published by Point of Impact, please follow these guidelines before sending an inquiry:

Provide a link to your website for written reviews or a link to your podcast so we might give it a listen. We want to make sure your interests are in line with our brand of action/adventure fiction.

If you do not have a website and are looking for a review copy for Goodreads or Amazon, please link us at least three (3) reviews you have posted that are for products with a similar theme (i.e. crime novels, noir, and of course action/adventure).

We will never pay for a review and we are never going to influence or request any type of review “score”. If you want to post a review, you will do so with total immunity from attack, regardless of the content of the review. The sole exception to this is if you post entire chapters or the complete book. This will be considered copyright infringement and all legal action available to us will be taken.

Review copies will be provided in Ebook format, either .epub or .mobi as requested. Physical review copies will only be considered if you have a website. Any request may be denied with or without cause.

If you desire to interview one of our authors, that is their prerogative and though we can help put you in contact with them, we cannot guarantee their participation.

All requests should be made to editor -at- pointofimpactbooks.com. Put the @ where it belongs and address your request to Joseph Nelson.

Any questions not answered here may also be directed to that email address. Thank you!