I am super happy to announce a new addition to our publication roster for 2023! We signed a deal with the one and only Clint Reno to publish the first of his John Lash crime thrillers, One Lash to Kill! I have the manuscript in my dirty, dirty hands and can safely say that this is going to put a big smile on the faces of anyone who happens to be a fan of Westlake’s Parker or Spillane’s Hammer.

It’s bold, sex-filled, violence-packed, and is one of the most fun, pulse-pounding books I’ve read this year! It is precisely the kind of fiction we hoped to help find homes for when we started this little publishing venture one year ago and I could not be happier that Reno becomes our next author signed.

One Lash to Kill is slated to fit into our publishing schedule in late summer/early fall in both ebook and PoD paperback. I’d love a September release, but we still need to iron out a cover design. We’ll definitely have lots more to say about this shortly!

This means that Point of Impact Publishing will be putting out three Frenzi novels, one “Bartender” action short, and the first John Lash adventure all in 2023! What a wild year! Thank you all for joining us on this ride! We are a long way from the end!

-Joseph Nelson, Editor in Chief, Point of Impact Publishing LLC

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