With a series title like The Bartender, can you expect a cocktail recipe with each story? Yes!

Awesome news! We’ve just signed for a new series to debut later this year from Frenzi creator R. J. Calder and we are excited to share the early details with you!

It’s called Highballs and High Kicks, the first in a series titled The Bartender (think the action movie series The Substitute, but instead of a teacher a vigilante bartender; trust me, it’s cooler than you think), and it will be a debut Point of Impact Quick Shot, a digital only novella of 20,000 words sold for $1.99. The release date is still being slotted into our calendar, but we are hoping for a late Spring/early Summer release.

What’s this about?

“Beneath a crummy bar in the heart of San Francisco lies an underground fight club with an affinity toward brutal deathmatches. The city’s elite pay for the privilege of watching bloody murder every Saturday night. No one cares. No one intends to stop them.

Until they hire a new bartender.

Brodie comes with a special set of skills and the willingness to use them. She is going to tear this fight club apart, piece by piece, to get her revenge against the kingpin of carnage behind the brutal bloodsport.

Saturday night is going to all right for fighting!”

I’ve read the first draft and it is pure, unfiltered direct-to-video style action. This reads like a lost PM Entertainment script! A bold new hero, tons of action, and the same level of mayhem we’ve come to expect from Calder’s pen means a good, quick read. I’m hoping to have a cover reveal and a release date very, very soon!

-Joseph Nelson, Editor-in-Chief

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