In some hands an instrument of life. In others, death. In ours…just a clacking annoyance machine.

There’s a lot to be excited about this year in Impact Land, but the first big thing is that there will be three brand new Frenzi novels released in the calendar year! That’s another 150,000 words of pure, unfiltered action!

The 1st to be published is Frenzi: Storm Clouds Over Paris, and it sends our deadly anti-hero to France just as a hit squad plans a world-shaking kill that only Frenzi and the CIA can hope to stop! It’s got a ton of action and a little bit of gritty spy flavor. One highlight includes a rainy chase through the streets of Paris, culminating in a little after-hours visit to La M√©nagerie, where we might take a midnight stroll through a bear enclosure…

The planned release date isn’t 100% locked down, but we are aiming for April and hope to have a cover reveal soon.

The 2nd Frenzi release of the year is called Whipcord and has more of a Western vibe, set in Montana, where we won’t have to worry about those pesky big city Mafia folks. Right? Right? Yeah, probably not…

Whipcord is planned for a late summer release.

The final Frenzi planned for release in 2023 is titled The Dead Go Marching In, and is set in Corpus Christi, Texas! Nice place for a quiet, relaxing vacation. I’m certain nothing bad could happen there.

The Dead Go Marching In is planned for a winter 2023 release.

Three exciting new books for an exciting new year! We hope you’ll join us for them! There will be more on each book as we get closer to release dates.

-Joseph Nelson, Editor-in-Chief


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